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PlayPacks from S4K

Thousands of schools around the world have used our PlayPacks to perform a Shakespeare 4 Kidz show as their school production. S4K shows have been performed in every English-speaking country in the world!


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  • 1-hr version: £xx

PlayPacks from S4K

Thousands of schools around the world have used our PlayPacks to perform a Shakespeare 4 Kidz show as their school production. S4K shows have been performed in every English-speaking country in the world!

It can't be done! Junior school children can't perform Shakespeare!

The unique PlayPack from S4K

“It can't be done!”… “Junior school children can't perform Shakespeare!”… These magic words, more than 25 years ago, inspired Julian Chenery and Matt Gimblett to write their musical adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Following three magical (and hugely successful), sold-out performances of the show by the children of Woodlea Primary School in Surrey, other teachers quickly asked if they too could produce the show for their own school. This is how the S4K PlayPack was born. Since then our shows have been performed by schools in every English-speaking country in the world.

Perform an S4K show in your school

We provide everything needed for your school to mount its own production of our shows: the script and score, performance tracks and sound effects, an informative teachers' guide, professionally-recorded vocal guide, photocopying and performance licences and a flat-rate royalty are all included in the price.

The rest is up to you!

New! S4K PlayPack Digital Editions

We are commencing the roll-out of our new S4K PlayPack Digital Editions, for immediate download. All items will be downloadable - script, score, music, teachers' guides and licences.

The first titles available for digital delivery will be S4K's A Midsummer Night's Dream alongside a brand-new version of this popular show, S4K's 1-hour A Midsummer Night's Dream – with more titles coming soon.

The remaining PlayPack titles are available as the traditional S4K PlayPack Physical Editions – with printed scripts, scores, teachers' guides and licenses, and a CD of the music.

Both the Digital and Physical Editions can be bought from this website.

What's included?

  • Script (A4, spiral bound)
  • Score (Piano and vocal, A4, spiral bound)
  • Music (performance backing tracks and vocal guides)
  • Teachers' Guide (information and tips)
  • High resolution digital artwork to promote your school play
  • Royalties and licences
  • Photocopying licence
  • Performance licence

Select a title to:

  • READ excerpts of the script
  • HEAR extracts of the show
  • SEE excerpts of the piano and vocal score
  • BUY your fully-licensed PlayPack online – the S4K PlayPack Digital Editions are available for immediate download

The full catalogue of S4K PlayPack titles…

S4K'S A Midsummer Night's Dream

S4K's A Midsummer Night's Dream

Mix-ups, magic and mayhem, one Midsummer Night in the woods

An impending Royal Wedding, amateur play rehearsals, feuding in Fairyland and courtship problems... all on one magical, mixed-up, midsummer night.

S4K PlayPack Digital Edition
S4K'S Hamlet

S4K's Hamlet

Shakespeare's masterpiece – from the masters of understandable Shakespeare

When Prince Hamlet returns home to attend his father’s funeral, he meets the ghost of his dead father and sets out upon a mysterious story of murder, intrigue and revenge.

S4K PlayPack Physical Edition
S4K'S Macbeth

S4K's Macbeth

Three witches – two friends – one crown. Something WICKED this way comes…

A noble Scottish warrior becomes king after hearing the prophecies of three witches; murdering his way to the crown, and fighting to the death to try to keep it.

S4K PlayPack Physical Edition
S4K'S Romeo & Juliet

S4K's Romeo & Juliet

Two families – one feud – two young people destined to fall in love… and die

Born into rival families; when Romeo and Juliet meet it's love at first sight. Passion and heartbreak flourish in the most famous love story in the world.

S4K PlayPack Physical Edition
S4K'S The Tempest

S4K'S The Tempest

A storm! A shipwreck! An enchanted island! All under the magical spell of Prospero

S4K's The Tempest is a mystical, magical, mysterious, musical romantic comedy of revenge, a father’s love for his daughter and the misuse of power.

S4K PlayPack Physical Edition
S4K'S Twelfth Night

S4K's Twelfth Night

Once upon a Twelfth Night, a dramatic shipwreck separates two identical twins

With sister and brother neither knowing the other is still alive, their struggle to survive in a topsy-turvy land brings confusion to everyone they meet.

S4K PlayPack Physical Edition
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