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Reviews: S4K's A Midsummer Night's Dream

An archive of professional reviews of S4K's A Midsummer Night's Dream...

The Shakespeare 4 Kidz theatre company provided a wonderful treat at the Theatre Royal, Windsor with a Midsummer Night's Dream on March 23, writes Kirsty Spooner.

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Shakespeare is often a bone of contention. As one of our most illustrious playwrights, should he continually have his work dissected in its original form? Or as society evolves, should his message be modernised (and perhaps simplified) too?

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Magical Midsummer Night's Dream is not just for kids

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Fortunately for Shakespeare 4 Kidz, when their staight talking Puck spouted his streetwise spiel, the children in the audience absolutely loved it.

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This is a dream of a show for children who want to learn more about the works of William Shakespeare and enjoy a jolly good laugh at the same time.

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This version is an absolute hoot and a super introduction to Shakespeare.

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"carefully written to make both an introduction to the Bard and, in many cases, the theatre, a happy experience"

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"S4K is genuinely funny, not just Shakespeare Comedy funny, but real laughing."

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