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Quick Quiz – Questions

50 Questions to test your knowledge of The Tempest

  1. Who wrote The Tempest?
  2. In what year was it written?
  3. Where is the play set?
  4. Who was on the throne of England at the time?
  5. On what mode of transport does the play begin?
  6. Where is Prospero from, originally?
  7. Who is Prospero's brother?
  8. What is special about Prospero?
  9. How has he got these magic powers?
  10. Who is the King of Naples?
  11. Who is the King's son?
  12. Who is the King's daughter?
  13. Where are the King and friends returning from?
  14. Who is Prospero's daughter?
  15. What does Alonso fear has happened to his son?
  16. Who does Miranda fall in love with?
  17. What does Miranda think Ferdinand is?
  18. What task does Prospero set Ferdinand?
  19. How long have Prospero and Miranda been on the island?
  20. What is the name of Prospero's sprite?
  21. Who imprisoned Ariel in a cloven pine tree?
  22. Whose mother is Sycorax?
  23. What is Caliban carrying for Prospero?
  24. Who was Caliban attracted to?
  25. What does Caliban hide under to shelter from the rain?
  26. Who does Caliban mistake for one of Prospero's spirits?
  27. Who joins Caliban under the gabardine?
  28. Who pulls Trinculo out from under the gabardine?
  29. What has Stephano found from the ship?
  30. What does Stephano believe is under the gabardine?
  31. What do all three then do?
  32. Where does Stephano say he's from to Caliban?
  33. What does Caliban say they should do to Prospero?
  34. What is Trinculo's job?
  35. What is Stephano's job?
  36. What does Trinculo say he could do with Caliban?
  37. Over how many days does the action of The Tempest take place?
  38. What does Caliban say has to be done before Prospero is killed?
  39. What do Prospero and Ariel set out for Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano as a trap?
  40. What do Prospero and Ariel use to drive out Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo?
  41. What mythical characters appear in the wedding masque?
  42. What does Ariel turn into at the magical banquet?
  43. Who helped Prospero flee from Milan?
  44. Who persuades Sebastian to attempt to kill Alonso?
  45. Who wakes up first when Sebastian and Antonio attempt to kill Alonso?
  46. What reason do Antonio and Sebastian give to Alonso for have their swords drawn?
  47. Fill in the missing word: "we are such stuff as .......... are made on."
  48. What game are Ferdinand and Miranda playing at the end of the play?
  49. What is Ariel's final task before he is released?
  50. Who is Prospero often compared to?

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