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Quick Quiz – Questions

100 Questions to test your knowledge of the play

  1. Who wrote Macbeth?
  2. In which country is the story set?
  3. When (roughly) do you think the story is set?
  4. How many witches are there at the start of the play?
  5. What is the weather like at the start of the play?
  6. Complete the quotation "Fair is foul, and .........."
  7. Who is King of Scotland at the start of the play?
  8. The "Bloodied Sergeant" tells the King that Macbeth killed the traitor Macdonald? He "unseamed him from .........." where to where?
  9. The Thane of Ross reports that King Sweno has also launched an attack. Of which country is Sweno the King?
  10. A Scottish traitor helped King Sweno. Who?
  11. How much is the ransom demanded by the Thane of Ross to King Sweno before he can bury his dead soldiers?
  12. What do you think a Thane is?
  13. Who does King Duncan decide should become the new Thane of Cawdor?
  14. Who sings "Thrice to thine, thrice to mine and thrice again to make up nine?"
  15. A sailor’s wife ate … what kind of lunch?
  16. What does thrice mean?
  17. Macbeth is on his way back from battle to the Royal Palace at Forres. Who is he travelling with?
  18. Who tells Macbeth that he will become Thane of Cawdor, and King?
  19. Who tells Macbeth he has become Thane of Cawdor?
  20. How does Macbeth tell his wife of the news?
  21. Who does King Duncan declare will be the heir to his throne?
  22. Duncan invests a new title on his son Malcolm, the Prince of Where?
  23. Lady Macbeth thinks her husband is too soft. She says he is "too full of .........." what?
  24. When Macbeth tells his wife that the King is staying the night, she says "Oh never shall sun that morrow see". What does she mean by this?
  25. Why doesn’t Macbeth want to murder the King?
  26. To force her husband to change his mind, Lady Macbeth says she would rather do what than break a promise?
  27. Where does Lady Macbeth tell her husband to screw his courage?
  28. How does Lady Macbeth make sure that the people guarding King Duncan do not disturb the plan to kill him?
  29. What is the name of Banquo’s son?
  30. Banquo tells Macbeth that the King wants to give Lady Macbeth a gift for hosting the evening. What is the gift?
  31. Before he commits the murder of the King what does Macbeth imagine he can see before his eyes?
  32. According to Lady Macbeth, who did the sleeping Duncan look like?
  33. What word couldn’t Macbeth say when he heard "God bless us"?
  34. Who did Lady Macbeth put in the bedroom next to the King?
  35. What did Macbeth forget to leave by the murdered King?
  36. Where was the knocking coming from?
  37. Who answers the door to Lord Macduff?
  38. What three things does the Porter say is caused by too much drink?
  39. Who discovers the body of King Duncan?
  40. What does he cry out three times when he comes back into the courtyard?
  41. Why does Macbeth kill Duncan’s bodyguards?
  42. Macduff asks Macbeth why he killed the guards. What does Lady Macbeth do to distract attention from her husband?
  43. Which country does Prince Malcolm flee to?
  44. Which country does Prince Donalbain flee to?
  45. Where is Macbeth crowned King?
  46. Where did Macduff go to instead?
  47. Who is to be guest of honour at Macbeth’s Banquet?
  48. Who does Macbeth get to kill Banquo and Fleance?
  49. Why does Macbeth want them dead?
  50. How many men turn up to commit the murder?
  51. Who do you think is the third murderer?
  52. What happens to Fleance?
  53. How many fatal gashes were there to Banquo’s head?
  54. How does Banquo appear at the banquet?
  55. Why do the guests at the banquet think Macbeth is going crazy?
  56. Who does Macbeth decide to go to see to help him?
  57. Why is Hecate angry with the three witches?
  58. What do the witches dance around?
  59. Complete the spell "Double, double, toil and trouble .........."
  60. The first apparition (a head in armour) tells Macbeth to beware who?
  61. The second apparition tells Macbeth "none of what can harm Macbeth"?
  62. The third apparition tells Macbeth that he will never be beaten until which wood rises up and walks to Dunsinane?
  63. Macbeth asks the witches about Banquo’s sons ruling as King? How many kings does Macbeth see?
  64. Who is the King of England that Prince Malcolm is staying with?
  65. When Macbeth discovers that Macduff has also gone to England, what does he decide to do?
  66. Where is Macduff’s Castle?
  67. Who tells Lady Macduff that her husband has fled the country?
  68. What does she tell her son has happened to his father?
  69. Does he believe her?
  70. What happens to Macduff’s family?
  71. When Macduff comes to England to meet Prince Malcolm, why is Malcolm suspicious?
  72. How does he test Macduff’s loyalty to him?
  73. How many men have been promised by King Edward to help Malcolm?
  74. Who comes to England to tell Macduff the news of his family?
  75. What condition is Lady Macbeth suffering from?
  76. What does she keep with her all the time?
  77. "Out, damned spot!" What is Lady Macbeth trying to wash off her hands?
  78. Who is leading the forces against Macbeth along with Malcolm and Macduff?
  79. From which county will they set out?
  80. Where is Macbeth’s castle?
  81. Where do the rebels meet up with the English army?
  82. Who looks after Macbeth’s armour?
  83. What does Malcolm tell every soldier to do when they get to Birnam Wood?
  84. Why?
  85. Who tells Macbeth that his wife has died?
  86. Which wood appears to be moving towards Dunsinane?
  87. Siward’s young son battles with Macbeth, what happens to him?
  88. What does Macbeth say to Young Siward after the swordfight?
  89. Why doesn’t Macbeth think Macduff can kill him?
  90. What does Macduff say to Macbeth?
  91. Macbeth says he can no longer fight. What does Macduff call Macbeth?
  92. Siward is told that his son has been killed in battle, why is he pleased to hear that the fatal wounds were on the front and not the back?
  93. Who says "Lay on, Macduff..."?
  94. Who kills Macbeth?
  95. What does he do after he kills him?
  96. Who is King of Scotland at the end of the play?
  97. What colour is the Scottish flag?
  98. Why do you think Fleance appears at the end?
  99. Is Macbeth a Comedy, a Tragedy or a History play?
  100. Shakespeare wrote Macbeth in 1606 for King James I (who was also King James VI of Scotland). What famous event occurred in 1605 (and is still celebrated today) where someone tried to kill the King?

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