Bringing the World of William Shakespeare to the Young People of the World since 1996


Since 1996, Shakespeare 4 Kidz have been pioneering Shakespeare education for primary school children all over the UK.

The Shakespeare Manifesto says: Start it earlier

Most primary pupils are comfortable with the drama techniques regularly used by actors and directors.

They can engage with the stories and dilemmas and find delight in using new and unusual language long before formally studying texts or seeing live performances.

The later Shakespeare is introduced the harder it can seem. Perhaps the most challenging time for first contact is early teenage years*, when self-consciousness can inhibit the active ways of working most likely to foster a positive initial understanding.

Teenagers with no earlier experience of Shakespeare are at greater risk of forming negative opinions; many secondary teachers report that starting Shakespeare with 13 or 14 year olds means unpicking prejudices that his plays are "too hard", "boring" or "irrelevant".

Schools that Stand up for Shakespeare:

  • Explore Shakespeare's plays at primary school
  • Introduce Shakespeare's plays no later than 11 years old
  • Guarantee continuity and progression across each Key Stage

The S4K Way

Back in 1996, S4K were the only company who had pioneered a way to introduce people younger than had ever been possible before to the World of William Shakespeare.

We have continued to use our ideas and methodologies ever since in schools and theatres all over the country and not just in London or Stratford-upon-Avon.

That is how we became THE National Shakespeare Company for Children and Young People.

Using innovative and proven techniques, S4K bring fun and education together to ensure children of ALL AGES experience and enjoy the Bard and his work.

Book a school workshop now to see for yourselves how we've earned our enviable reputation.

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