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The Shakespeare Manifesto says: See it live

A script is like a musical score, telling only half the story.

The text comes alive with the physical dynamic of the actors and the information which the set, lighting and music provide.

Shakespeare was an artist working through the most collaborative of art forms - theatre.

He understood the power of the spoken word to move and persuade and the unique thrill and delightful complicity experienced by an audience at a live performance.

The sensory act of hearing, seeing and feeling the sounds, rhythms and words aids comprehension in a way that reading the play cannot.

The characters become vivid, and the humour - so crucial to Shakespeare's plays but often so difficult to access on the written page - comes alive.

There is no substitute for the shared experience of seeing Shakespeare live.

The live experience can include performances created by the students themselves and shared with their peers as well as professional productions in school or at the theatre.

Theatres must make sure there are appropriate and accessible performances for young people to attend and recognise that some schools will need greater support to access live shows.

Schools that Stand up for Shakespeare:

  • Recognise the importance of young people seeing live theatre

The S4K way

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We believe there is nothing more important than introducing young people to live theatre, and the S4K Music Theatre Shakespeare format is the ideal, easy-to-understand way to do so.

One of the best ways for young people to experience Shakespeare live is with S4K. We have been touring our five star shows nationally and internationally for over twelve years now. Last year, we performed to over 100,000 people! Come see what the fuss is all about!

Our shows visit theatres all over the UK during the autumn and spring terms. Click here to see the latest touring dates.

All S4K shows are available for your school or group to put on. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to mount a full scale Shakespeare musical of your own, and with the Teacher Pack, photocopying licenses, music and CDs all included - it couldn't be easier.

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