Bringing the World of William Shakespeare to the Young People of the World since 1996
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S4K Films in association with Julian Chenery & Matt Gimblett are creating big screen versions of our popular shows.

There are currently THREE movies, in various stages of development and pre-production, based on the acclaimed musical theatre shows created and produced by Julian Chenery (with Matt Gimblett) for Shakespeare 4 Kidz, the first of which - S4K's ROMEO & JULIET, will shoot in Europe and the Middle East. Further titles are slated to follow in due course.

The S4K Film Franchise

The film franchise will expand the already successful theatre shows and associated educational programmes onto the screen and into more countries globally.

Six live action feature films shot in a digital format for exploitation across all multi-media platforms

What is Shakespeare 4 Kidz?

We are making Shakespeare available to 7-14 year olds across the globe. We are bringing Shakespeare to life through the use of:

  • modern language
  • strong characters
  • music
  • comedy
  • action

Think of it as “Disney-fying” Shakespeare – Shakespeare Lite.

A well established brand

The Shakespeare 4 Kidz brand already exists in theatre, publishing and education and has a pre-existing fan base in many countries of the world.

The musical theatre shows have been performed for over a million people in the UK and abroad since 1997.

The brand appeals to the young/student audience, maybe as a first introduction to Shakespeare, as well as to the family audience, who may never have understood or enjoyed Shakespeare before, as well as to the foreign audience, as part of English studies, because of its strong educational value to schools and students worldwide.

Key points

  • Global and evergreen products with great entertainment and educational value
  • Creating a library of great titles for audiences of all ages worldwide
  • Multiple revenue streams from traditional distribution channels, as well as from digital platforms, music, merchandising and educational programs
  • Already a proven and successful concept with Shakespeare 4 Kidz musical theatre shows

Further information

All copyrights in the S4K titles are owned and managed by the creators Julian Chenery & Matt Gimblett.

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